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Tree Modern Home Design with Tree

Not all the trends of architecture make us shudder with pleasure, but the preservation of nature in the construction of contemporary houses is something that we encourage deeply. Completed recently the residence architecture perfectly preserves a beautiful and mature rubber tree lemon-scented. The project consisted of a renewal of a period House, complete with a highly modern extension. This addition is light physically, in order to protect the tree and offers a point of intentional difference to the strength of the existing sandstone House.




According to the architects, the outdoor covered spaces are literally built around the tree, encapsulating and framing the trunk. Wood-clad columns become a background and a fine line of glass opens to the side yard densely planted for continuous access to the natural environment within the interior spaces. And here is where it gets interesting, since the top level are the branches of the tree that floats above the structure of the Fund to provide a unique setting overlooking . The ceiling is treated in stone, giving it a Bohemian look, especially when this covered with fallen leaves.


Materials for kitchen Decoration


As with the ingredients of a recipe, the materials that make up the interior of a kitchen are relevant to the style of this decoration. The sight and touch of these make “recipe ingredients” of the decor, and we can create a more or less friendly, modern kitchen and lively depending.


Small Apartment Decoration for Teenager


Now we will see an example Small Apartment Decoration for Teenager. Simple ideas for small spaces. We are in a house. It is a small apartment of 40 square meters nothing. What stands out most is the young design, as it is intended for a young girl.


Bedroom Color Decorating Ideas


Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and color plays a vital role in the decoration of these environments. Rest, peace, inspiration and many other moods depending on the color you choose for the walls. Knowing the importance of color on the walls in the rooms.  Likewise to Native Integration & Automation  tips for picking colors.

Tips On Selecting Exterior Colors happily Often, when you take a walk outside, you see a house, and shocked, “Wow! What is happening to that house?” Colors can evoke reactions tacitly, especially when it comes to the exterior of the house. Colors represent your personal desires, and convenient viewing for the public. It serves to make first impression.

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